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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 21:19

It’s Easy Being Green: Anyone for a black-garbage-bag dress?

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By Julia Taylor

            The City of Kawartha Lakes material-recovery facility (aka recycling plant) doesn’t like recycling black garbage bags because the company that buys their plastic #4 makes light coloured raw material.

            So dark plastic bags can really mess up a whole batch of product.

            This is also the reason we in Kawartha Lakes CAN recycle Tim Horton’s cups and most municipalities do not—because

the company that purchases that raw material does NOT need it to be light. So it’s all about who we are selling our recovered materials to that gives us more or less options for recycling.

            Which brings me to my point: What are we going to do with all of those black bags we have left when we switch to clear bags in January, especially if they are not recyclable?

            Are you one of those people who bought a box of 20,000 garbage bags from Costco, and still have enough to last you until 2030? Here are some ideas:

• Maybe someone you have to buy a Christmas gift for lives in a municipality that still uses black bags. What a useful, practical gift idea.

• Or how about going with a black-and-white themed Christmas, and wrapping all your gifts with them. I bet there are a ton of fancy ideas on pinterest for plastic-bag bows.

• Save them for next Halloween and create some creepy black ghosts to hang outside.

• Or send your kids out as black ghosts—easy, cheap, and water proof.

• How about a dress-making competition and party using black garbage bags. Get your creative juices flowing—and be social.

• Or ponchos for the whole gang for your next trip to Niagara Falls.

            Okay, okay, here are some more practical uses for your leftover garbage bags.

            Wrap your trees and shrubs in them to protect them over the winter. Or cover your fragile plants in the garden against late spring/early fall frost.

            Use them to put your gently used clothing in—for donations, or for moving and storage.

            So what will you do with your left over black garbage bags?

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