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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:00

It’s easy being green - To the Lakes

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By Julia Taylor

            For a short period of my life I was a Kawartha Lakes cottager. I moved away. But eventually, I got sick of driving up every weekend—and moved back.

            During that period I remember hustling on Thursday nights each week to have everything

ready to go up to the cottage on Friday after work.

            Then there was the reverse procedure, of packing everything up to head home for the week on Sunday nights.

            What a hustle. But I did it—every weekend—the whole time I lived out of the area.

            I did it so I could wake up and sit on that dock in the morning, and catch the water when it was as calm as glass for wakeboarding. I did it for days on the boat, and watching the sun set on the lake. I did it because I love being on the lake.

            And let’s face it, that is why we’re all sitting somewhere in this beautiful cottage country right now reading The Kawartha Promoter, because we love our lakes.

            Much like our personal health needs looking after, so do the lakes. Everything we put down our drain and on our lawns eventually makes its way into the water table and into the lake.

            Let’s give back to the lake. It gives so much to us. Let’s take care of the lake like we take care of our health. Let’s show our love to the lake by being stewards.

            Switching to eco-label dish, laundry, and personal soaps, as well as maintaining or restoring natural shorelines and fertilizer-free lawns, are some small steps we can take that have a huge impact on the health of our lakes.

            To the lakes.

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