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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 00:00

Boater’s Code

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            Respectful boating guidelines from the Muskoka-based organization, Safe Quiet Lakes:

  • I will never operate my boat beyond the level of my skills.
  • I will be aware of and obey all laws and regulations governing operation of my boat.
  • I will operate my boat with
caution and courtesy to others at all times.
  • I will minimize my wake impact on shorelines, docks, structures and people.
  • I will always steer well clear of other boats, swimmers and wildlife.
  • I will set a speed and heading that is safe and comfortable for my passengers and others on the water.
  • I will provide safety instructions and offer appropriate life jackets or PFDs to everyone who travels in my boat.
  • I will carry all equipment necessary to operate my boat safely and within the law.
  • I will not consume alcohol in my boat or allow my boat to be operated by anyone who is impaired.
  • I understand that boating is a shared experience and I will not create excessive noise or operate my boat in a manner that disrupts the peaceful enjoyment of the lake by others.
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