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Friday, 16 January 2015 00:00

The Kawartha Promoter 20150116

Health and Safety in CKL budget  •  Quarry open house on Friday  •  Alda Kimble

Monday, 15 December 2014 00:00

The Kawartha Promoter 20141215

Raven thrives with lupus  •  R-E-S-P-E-C-T at C.K.L. •  Dialogue on Hatal lamb

Friday, 28 November 2014 00:00

The Kawartha Promoter 20141128

Santas all around  •  Shovel with care  •  Music council's boost

Friday, 14 November 2014 00:00

The Kawartha Promoter 20141114

Supporting a city employee  •  Cat check  •  Foodstock - one night of peace and music

Friday, 31 October 2014 00:00

The Kawartha Promoter 20141031

All the election results  •  We will remember them  •  Return of the Rice

Friday, 17 October 2014 00:00

The Kawartha Promoter 20141017

CKL’s last election hurrah  •  Trent Lakes Council  •  Readers defend Matthews

Friday, 03 October 2014 00:00

The Kawartha Promoter 20141003

CKL candidates  •  Aggregates aggravate  •  Shouting begins at all-candidates meet

Thursday, 25 September 2014 00:00

Rates & Data

Format, Ad Rates & Schedule

The Kawartha Promoter Format:  The Kawartha Promoter, though a community newspaper, conforms more to the style and size of a magazine. It is trimmed, folded and stitched and usually remains in the household, intact, until the next issue arrives in the mailbox.

Distribution:  40,000 copies distributed throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes to every single mailbox through Canada Post.


Use our complimentary design service or provide your own camera-ready artwork  - it’s up to you!

Supplied Camera Ready Artwork - Accepted file formats include: ai, eps, pdf, jpg, psd, tiff.  Minimum Resolution 300 dpi. * Quarter inch bleed and typesafety for full pages ads. File Submission: please email ad materials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Advertising Rates:  Ad rates as of January 2018. Plus HST. Includes online publication with more than 1 million hits on The Kawartha Promoter website in 2017.
–All Dimensions are in inches–

ad sizehorizontalvertical1 issues3 issues6 issues9 issues12 issues
1/12 page 3.06 x 1.5   $110 $105 $100 $95 $90
1/8 page 3.06 x 2.35   $165 $160 $155 $150 $145
1/6 page  6.3 x 1.5 3.06 x 3.15 $190 $185 $180 $175 $170
1/4 page 6.3 x 2.35 3.06 x 4.8 $250 $245 $240 $235 $230
1/3 page 6.3 x 3.16 3.06 x 6.46 $295 $285 $280 $275 $270
1/2 page 6.3 x 4.8 3.06 x 9.725 $360 $355 $345 $340 $335
Full page   7 x 9.625 $585 $580 $570 $565 $555
Inside cover   7 x 9.625  $625 $610 $605 $600 $595

The Kawartha Promoter Publication Dates 2018

Ask about our feature and community event sections. The deadline for all material is 7 days prior to publication date.

January   18  
February 8 22  
March 8 22  
April 5 19  
May 3 17  31
June 14 28  
July 12 26  
August 9 23  
September 6 20  
October 4 18  
November 1 15  29
December   13  



• Advertorial ~ $525     1/2 page AD with 1/2 page editorial

• Trades & Services Directory ~ $55.00 per issue

1/12 AD. Initial ad must be booked a minimum of four issues. These first four issues MUST be prepaid. If the ad continues to run, the advertiser will be invoiced monthly.

$220.00 Initial Rate (Covers first four issues)
$110.00 Monthly Rate (Based on two issues per month)

• Classified ~ Straight Word Ads (Paid in advance)
20 words for $29.00. (25 cents for each additional word)

• Classified Display Ad (Paid in advance) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3.06" (wide) x 1.5″ (deep)…..$52.00
3.06" (wide) x 2.35" (deep)…..$92.00

• The Kawartha Promoter website Advertising. (More than 1 million visits on the Kawartha Promoter website during 2016)

• Banner AD ~ $150 per month.
• Rotating website AD ~ $25 with the purchase of a print AD.


HST to be applied to all of the above rates.
*Invoicing on approved credit and due within 30 days.
2% charge on invoices over 30 days.
Ad rates as of January, 2018

Thursday, 25 September 2014 00:00


History of The Kawartha Promoter

MaxMiller CameraThe very first issue of The Kawartha Promoter was published on March 15, 1991. Originally called ‘The Bobcaygeon Promoter’, as the paper’s name implies, it was intended as a vehicle for promoting local events and businesses in Bobcaygeon. Rose Anne Kulmala, the driving force behind the paper and its sole owner and editor for well over a decade, was known for her tenacity and her passion for her community; qualities which were reflected in the pages of The Kawartha Promoter. “The truth is not always popular, but I believe it is responsible for our growth,” was Rose’s motto.

Rose Anne had always sworn that she would not sell The Kawartha Promoter to anyone who was not sufficiently passionate about the little paper she had built over the years, so it was with careful deliberation that she decided, in 2003, to allow Max Miller to buy The Kawartha Promoter. Rose Anne remained at its helm as Editor to ensure that The Kawartha Promoter continued her legacy. Max had been a part of The Kawartha Promoter family on and off for years as a freelance designer and stepped into her role as Publisher easily.

A graduate of the prestigious Ontario College of Art, Max Miller brought her design skills and experience to The Kawartha Promoter. Her career in design included McLaren Advertising, and a coveted position with Art and Design Studios (ADS), (one of the top design studios in Canada in its time). She has was worked on accounts such as: Molson, GM, Esso and Shopper’s Drug Mart, to name a few. Max has been recognized for her service to her community. She received the prestigious Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce Business Leader of the Year Award in 2009 for her continuing devotion local businesses, service groups and community events throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes and surrounding areas. Max serves on the Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce, Kawartha Lakes health Care Initiative, and has also done committee work for Community Care.

Unfortunately, Rose Anne lost a hard-fought battle to cancer in 2007.

The Kawartha Promoter’s driving force: Rose Anne KulmalaRoseAnneKulmala written by her daughter, Anne Kulmala

Originally it was the Bobcaygeon Promoter and was started as a “good news” paper. It was meant to do stories on local businesses and organizations in order to promote local activities.

When we first began, the paper was printed on white bond paper instead of newsprint to give it a quality most papers didn’t have. For quite some time after the paper began, the flats were driven to Bowmanville for printing by one of the staff (usually my Mom, Rose), of course almost everything was done by old fashion paste up. Once printed the paper returned to the Design One/Promoter office and was hand stapled by my Mom and the rest of us. We had special staplers mounted on plywood set up to staple down the seam of the paper. It was then hand counted and delivered to the various places that carried it including the post offices.

There were originally three people who started the paper but Mom eventually bought out the other two and continued to expand, she was the driving force and remained so until it was sold.

Rose, started the paper from a small office supply business she began in the DJs Plaza. She found a service that the town lacked and promptly filled the gap. From there she could see that there were other things she could do to promote her community. Design One office supplies and services were the larger portion of the business for a few years. Eventually, the paper took over the lead and the office supplies began to phase out. Computers, faxes and computer printers became cheaper and businesses bought their own, making many of the services supplied by Design One obsolete, but it didn’t matter. The Kawartha Promoter was taking off by then and needed to move to a larger building.

The Kawartha Promoter staff was always like a second family. It was always women. If a man was hired they didn’t last long. Couldn’t take all that estrogen? Mom eventually stopped trying to hire men. We all pulled together when one of us was in trouble. It didn’t matter what the problem was, Mom would jump in and save the day or just talk you through it. We could rely on each other when times were tough – and they often were. People who worked for The Kawartha Promoter often stayed a long time, not for the pay, because it wasn’t that good, but for the family and camaraderie. We liked each other.

The other local papers: The Bobcaygeon Independent, the Fenelon Falls Gazette, the North Kawartha Times and the Lindsay papers were bound and determined that we were just a fly in their ointment and tried all manner of techniques to get rid of us. It never worked. My Mom was far too stubborn and steadfast to allow anyone to bully her. She stood her ground through thick and thin. The Kawartha Promoter eventually outstripped the other papers’ circulation and took over the lead as far as newspapers in the area went.

I guess The Kawartha Promoter is really all about Rose Anne Kulmala and the kind of person she was. Quick and intelligent and tough as nails with a sting that could really smart if you were on the wrong end of it, but under it all she had a heart of gold. She helped a lot of people though difficult times. She was really soft and squishy on the inside. She cared about her community and she cared about the underdog. She helped start the Ben and Friends’ Foundation on behalf of a local child with a rare form of Cancer. That foundation went on to help families and children with difficulties. She served on the region’s health council and was recognized for her efforts in the community.

The paper certainly had some meek beginnings but it didn’t take long for it to become an integral part of the community.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 00:00

About Us

 What is The Kawartha Promoter all about?

For over twenty years The Kawartha Promoter has been the voice of what’s happening in and around the Kawartha Lakes. The Kawartha Promoter is proud to be known as one of the few remaining independently owned and operated community newspapers. Our success can be attributed to the fact that we have a loyal, ever-increasing readership who have come to look forward to The Kawartha Promoter’s FREE biweekly publication. They consider us their source for information about what is happening in their communities; local and wide-spread issues; local business initiatives; coming events; local politics and what is going on at City Hall; and much, much more.

The Kawartha Promoter is invested in the continuing success of our community. We are proud to highlight our local businesses and partners with local service groups and community organizations by providing promotional coverage and sponsorship. 

Because The Kawartha Promoter is published in magazine format, it is read from cover to cover, then passed along to family members and friends, and held on to (even collected) – delivering maximum impact and value for our advertisers. The Kawartha Promoter serves: Bobcaygeon, Dunsford, Fenelon Falls, all the rural routes in these areas and the suburban areas of Lindsay where it is distributed to each household by Canada Post. It is also available at high traffic locations in Lindsay, Omemee, Little Britain, Oakwood, Buckhorn, Coboconk, Cameron, and Kinmount. Subscriptions are also available to seasonal residents and people who have moved out of the area.

Some of The Kawartha Promoter’s Statistics:

  • With a circulation of 40,000, which statistically amounts to a readership of 100,000 plus people who read The Kawartha Promoter every two weeks.
  • Averaging 48 pages with some issues are as high as 56 pages.
  • The Kawartha Promoter can now be accessed via Facebook. Click Here to see our group 

The Kawartha Promoter is happy to team up with businesses to design ads, and in conjunction with Design One, also offers a wide range of print services, including business cards, brochures, posters, menus and more.

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